Inspired by fast city life Pete Kasprzak has taught himself to create a style of vibrant art which has caught the interest of many art shows, art blogs, TV shows, and newspapers across Canada and the United States. You may have seen his older prints sold at: Sears, Walmart, Kmart and HomeSense. He always strives to show energy and life in new and innovative ways through his artwork, as well as graphic design at highly recognized LifeSource Water in Pasadena, CA.  


Pete has come from representing his Toronto high schools as an artist, to showcasing his art in San Francisco’s Art district, greater Los Angeles area, and shows in New York City.  He has also had success in many Toronto based galleries, including: Art Gallery of Hamilton, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Norman Felix Gallery, and Toronto’s famous Nuit Blanche. He has also been a featured artist in “The Artist Project” which is one of North America’s largest art shows winning the “People’s Choice Award”. 


He has a keen eye for style, and incorporates his hand drawn illustrations in his designs at LifeSource Water as their graphic designer and always showcasing new and exciting ways to see graphics.